Five Simple Tricks That Can Help Improve Your Dog’s Gut Health!

A dog’s immune system is very closely linked to its gut health. A healthy gut can help fight against allergies and many other common health issues. At East Coast Dog, one of the most common concerns among pet parents seeking our advice is that they can’t figure out why their pet seems to be experiencing persistent digestive issues. Although they’ve tried many high-quality foods and supplements, they are still looking for improvements. 

Not only is this incredibly frustrating, but it’s time-consuming and costly to manage. It’s also upsetting to know that your pet is suffering, and nothing you do seems to be helping, despite your best efforts. You might not realize how big of a difference these five simple tricks can make. They’re easy to implement and can help improve ANY dog’s gut health!

A happy medium sized dog standing in front of a blurred background of the ocean. The dog has brown and white markings.
A happy East Coast dog standing with the ocean off in the distance.

1. Clean their food & water bowls daily.

Washing your pet’s bowls, food toys and feeders with soap and hot water after every use (or at the very least, daily) will significantly reduce the likelihood of your pet coming into contact with digestive germs like E. coli and salmonella. 

Product recommendation: Messy Mutts Microfiber Bowl Cleaning Sponge

2. Add moisture to their meals.

You’ll be helping them better absorb and digest the nutrients. Hydration also assists digestion, by starting the breakdown process of the food, easing the initial workload of the gut’s digestive enzymes. Try water, bone broth or goat’s milk!

Product recommendation: Open Farm Goat Milk Digestion Blend

3. Slow feeders / feeding toys only!

Pets should enjoy their mealtimes, which can be an excellent opportunity for mental exercise (the best way to tire your pet). Feeding toys and slow bowls promote good digestion by slowing your pets eating, helping to prevent gas and bloating. And by encouraging them to chew their food, they can better absorb the nutrients! 

Product recommendation: SodaPup (this Brand has countless options for slow feeding)

4. Rotational diet, whenever possible.

In some extreme cases, and for those dogs with severe allergies, rotational feeding can be challenging or impossible. But for the majority of dogs, we always advocate for rotational feeding. By rotating between different recipes (always within the same Brand line), you ensure your pet gets nutrients from a wide range of ingredient sources to support an overall balanced diet.

Product recommendation: Go! Skin & Coat Line (added benefit of Grains)

5. Add meal toppers!

Meal toppers can be anything from powdered supplements and bone broths to frozen food and raw bones! Prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes, especially, are crucial to a dog’s gut health and are added to several toppers that we carry. In fact, East Coast Dog carries many meal toppers for every digestive issue. Talk to one of our specialists in-store to find the best suited for your pet’s needs! 

Product recommendation: Bold By Nature Raw Fish / Raw Beef Tripe Toppers

A brown and white spaniel like dog biting onto a long dog treat that is being handed to them,.
A very good dog taking a healthy treat!

The best part is that these tricks will help improve your pup’s tummy health and keep your dog more interested in their food. Making changes to improve your pup’s gut health can also be an excellent solution for picky pups! At East Coast Dog, our team is here to help you pick out exactly what you or your pup needs!

**Please Note: All supplements and additives that support gut health take time, and you may not see significant results immediately. Pet owners should always seek their veterinarian’s advice for ongoing and severe digestive issues.