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Welcome to East Coast Dog, thank you for entrusting your pet with us. The following are some everyday policies to ensure a positive and safe grooming experience. Others are policies that will only apply to some pets who do not enjoy grooming as much as others. East Coast Dog is a professional grooming facility, and we always ensure that your pet gets individualized attention and that the grooming is not rushed.


With our 6 to 12-week maintenance schedule, it is of the utmost importance that our clients stay as committed to their schedule as possible. While we do understand circumstances may arise that would prevent you from coming to an appointment, charges will be applied for any no-show appointments, not previously canceled. Due to the nature of this type of scheduling, there may not be room to adjust or modify your appointment after they have been set. Please schedule your time accordingly to avoid missing appointments.

It is at East Coast Dog’s discretion to terminate a client at any time due to missed or late appointments, or those not adhering to the maintenance schedule.


Please arrive on time, not early, for your pets appointment to ensure that there is enough time to groom your pet and to help keep our schedule for the day on time. East Coast Dog opens at the time of our earliest appointments, we are not at the shop prior to opening. Please arrive at the time of opening and not prior so we can make sure that someone is there to check in your dog. If you are running late for your appointment please call us to make sure we can still take your pet for the given day.  Our scheduling system relies on accuracy of pick-ups and drop-offs to be able to accommodate all clients for the day – arriving late can negatively affect all subsequent appointments.  Arriving 15 minutes or later for an appointment can void your appointment. Any appointments of the day can have their appointment canceled after 15 minutes. Full payment must be pre-paid to schedule another appointment. If we are able to take in your dog after 15 minutes a $20 late take in fee may be added to your bill.


All of our services list minimum appointment times, depending on whether your dog is oversized or requires special handling and care. You will receive a call or text letting you know that your dog is finished and ready to be picked up.  Due to our smaller facility and to ensure a lower stress environment for other pets, pets should be picked up within one hour of their finish time. Pets left at our salon beyond that may be charged a daycare fee of $20 added to their grooming bill. If you need to leave your pet longer at the salon, arrangements need to be made with us prior to your appointment. 

All 3pm and later drop offs mean your pet/pet’s are the last appointments for the day. Our salon closes when the shop closes. Arrive after closing time and a $20 daycare fee may be added to your bill. 


New clients and puppies are always exciting and we feel very lucky to have been chosen by you to care for your pet. We will schedule our day to ensure that you have time to go over grooming and care instructions for your pet. It is not necessary to arrive early and doing so causes an interruption in the grooming of another client and can cause their appointment to go late or cause the pet to become too excited to have their groom finished. 

Please bring a current copy of your pet’s vaccination records:

  • DA2P-Parvo and Rabies Vaccinations are needed for the protection of your pet. (rabies vaccination isn’t required for puppies under 6 months of age).
  • Pre-approved clients may, in place of their vaccination record, provide a letter of approval from their vet, confirming that they have been advised against further vaccination, due to medical reasons

We want your puppy’s first few visits to be as pleasant as possible and will make every effort to do so. To make sure your puppy learns to enjoy grooming we ask that you be flexible with the time your puppy is at our salon. Grooming is a new and overwhelming experience and lots of puppies need rest breaks during the grooming process. Clippers can also be overwhelming for your young puppy and they also might not have the patience yet for grooming. This can result in a simpler trim than requested or skipping specific aspects of the requested cut.  We feel that it is better for your puppy to gain trust and learn to accept grooming rather than finishing a cut that is making your pet nervous.


Allowing a pet’s coat to get matted is not only very uncomfortable, but unhealthy for your pet. Excessive matting can be avoided with regular grooming appointments. We will de-mat your pet (if possible) for an additional $10 fee. De-matting will not be done if it causes a pet undue stress or pain or if the pet is under a year old. Excessive de-matting is a painful, time-consuming, and costly procedure that can cause extreme discomfort and can aggravate (or cause) skin problems. In the circumstance where your pet cannot have its mats brushed out or the expense is too much, your pet will receive a “shave down” or “spot-shaving” to remove the mats. Under this circumstance, a shave down is the more compassionate or economical way to groom your pet.  Mats are constantly pulling the skin of your pet and are always painful. When ears become matted, it is possible for swelling and break-through bleeding to happen, especially from head shaking and around the tips of the ears. Shaving mats can show bruises, scrapes or other health issues that were hidden before. East Coast Dog will not be held liable if this should arise. Shave downs or custom cuts that are outside a basic pet trim or breed standard cut will be discussed and the groomer will perform the cuts to the best of his/her understanding of client’s directions and his/her ability but no other guarantee is made.

  • Note: shaving of your pet may dramatically change your pet’s appearance and the hair might be very close to the skin. This can result in a drastic change in their appearance that can be shocking to an owner. It is very  important that you remain in control of your reaction, as a negative emotional response can cause trauma for your pet.


East Coast Dog does not take aggressive pets or pets who bite for the grooming process. You must inform us if your pet has ever been turned away from another groomer or if they have ever shown signs of aggression such as growling, scratching, snarling or biting. We consider the terms “nipping and snapping” to be biting. East Coast Dog requires you to inform a groomer if your pet has bitten a person before. If you have been found to be withholding this information and your pet bites someone in the salon you will be held liable. If your pet is biting and cannot be calmed or safely groomed you will be called to pick up. If you know your pet becomes upset or is sensitive about a part of the grooming process, for the safety of your pet and us, you must inform us before your appointment date.  Knowledge of your pet’s fear of nail clipping, de-matting, drying, etc. helps us successfully groom your pet and make the experience easier and, in most cases, help your pet overcome this fear.  Pets who struggle with aspects of grooming are at greater risk for nicks, quicked nails, or a haircut that isn’t quite perfect looking.  We always take great care to ensure your pet is not injured during grooming, but pets who are biting or struggling put themselves at greater risk for this happening.  East Coast Dog will not be held liable for these types of injuries or for haircuts that are less than satisfactory.


The humane basket-style muzzles that we use in our salon do not harm your pet, and can actually protects both the pet and the groomer. In some cases, muzzling may even calm a stressed pet, allowing the grooming process to continue. If a pet still acts in a way that is dangerous, East Coast Dog has the right to stop grooming services at any time. We do not muzzle unless your pet gives us a reason to. Other methods are used to calm your pet, muzzling is a last resort.


Your dog’s safety and comfort is our primary concern. Please do not come to an appointment with an ill or injured pet. If your dog is showing signs of illness, has open wounds, or has an injury please call and reschedule your appt. For the safety of your pet and other pets we will not groom an ill or injured pet.

Allergies and Sensitivities:  Please advise us of any allergies, sensitivities, or pre-existing medical conditions so we can avoid aggravating the health issue and even help alleviate the discomfort. Please let us know of any prior grooming history you or your dog may not have found satisfactory. We want to avoid the repetition of poor or unpleasant experiences or situations.                               


Payment for grooming services is due at the time the services are rendered unless prior arrangements have been made.  *


Though we strive to confirm our clients’ appointments in advance, it is the pet owner’s sole responsibility to remember their appointment. East Coast Dog must be notified at least 12 hours prior to the scheduled appointment of any cancellations. Clients must call to cancel, if plans change within 12 hours of your scheduled appointment. The cancellation will need to be confirmed no later than 12 hours prior to the appointment. No-shows and late cancellations will be charged the full rate of service. This allows us time to try to book a replacement for your vacated appointment. Service may be terminated for repeated cancellations without 12 hr. notice.


No shows and last minute cancellations are subject to a No-Show fee of the full rate of service. Pre-Payment will be required before another appointment is booked. Please be respectful of our time as we are a by-appointment business, and another client could have taken your appointment if we had known. Note: Clients that are 15 minutes late or more will have their appointment canceled and full pre-payment must be paid to schedule another appointment. If we are able to take in your dog after 15 minutes a $20 late take in fee will be added to your bill.


We reserve the right to alter or cease any groom in the event that we determine it is in your pet’s best interest or your pet displays aggressive behavioUr.  East Coast Dog has the right to refuse service to your pet at any time for any reason.  The client may be charged the full price of the groom even if we are unable to complete it.


We will use extra care and patience for older pets and those with health conditions. These pets may require extra time.  Please let us know if your pet needs this specialized appointment.  Grooming elderly pets or pets with health conditions can cause mental or physical stress due to grooming being much more tiring for the pet, especially arthritic pets.  Due to this, we will at times have to do a much simpler cut for your pet’s health and safety or stop the grooming process.  Please be sure to notify us of any health conditions that might make your pet uncomfortable during the bathing, drying, or clipping phases.

Any grooming which takes place on an elderly or frail pet is conducted at your risk and East Coast Dog will not be held liable for mental or physical stress the grooming process may cause.

Customer releases East Coast Dog from any and all liabilities, financial, and otherwise, for injuries to Customer, Customer’s pet(s), or any other property of Customer, which arise in any way from services and/or products provided by or as a consequence of Customer’s association with East Coast Dog including, but not limited to, veterinarian bills.



Welcome to East Coast Dog Walking, thank you for entrusting your pet with us. At East Coast Dog, your pet’s mental health and safety comes first! That is why we have rigorous Dog Handler safety policies and equipment policies to ensure that both the dog, and the walker, enjoy their time together. The following are some everyday policies to ensure a positive and safe dog walking experience.


East Coast Dog offers professional dog walking services, and we always ensure that your pet gets individualized attention and that the time with us is safe and enjoyable.

25 Minute Leash Training Walk

Rain or shine, your pet’s dedicated handler will arrive for their scheduled walk (at-home pick-up & drop-off included). During their 25 minute on-leash adventure, the handler will be bonding with your dog, engaging them in physical & mental activities, and teaching them the correct skills for walking safely and properly, on-leash.

Pricing for Solo Dog:
2 Days/week = $26/walk
3-4 Days/Week = $25/walk
5 Days/Week = $23/walk

Pricing for Two Dogs:

Pricing for Three Dogs:

50 Minute Leash Training Walk

This service is for those dogs that just can’t get enough attention and exercise in only 25 minutes. With double the time, our handler can offer double the bonding, double the activities, and double the learning. We’ll be there, whatever the weather! At home pick-up and drop-off included.

Pricing for Solo Dog:
2 Days/week = $47/walk
3-4 Days/Week = $45/walk
5 Days/Week = $41/walk

Pricing for Two Dogs:

Pricing for Three Dogs:


When your dog is under our care and away from your home, they will be leashed at all times.  Insurance companies for services such as ours do not cover us if an incident happens while your dog is off-leash and away from home, and for good reason. That being said, some of the dogs under our care love to mix up the walk with a romping game of fetch or for recall training use.  For these purposes, we walk a long line.


We believe firmly in our walking equipment policies, and our insurance provider agrees with us too. There will be no use of prong/pinch, choke, or shock collars while walking a client’s dog due to the potential for injury (physical or mental) to the dog. There will also be no use of retractable/flexi-leashes while under our care, as these devices have been known to fail and pose a risk to your pets safety.

For dogs who have basic leash manners and are not reactive when on lead, we encourage the use of front-clipping harnesses.  These harnesses are comfortable for the dogs but still provide the handler with a way to redirect the dog back towards them if the dog starts to pull.  These harnesses do restrict the front motion of the dog, making them less ideal for lengthy hikes or running, but are perfectly safe for short city walks.

For dogs who have basic leash manners but are reactive when on lead, we might suggest the use of a Halti head collar.  When reactive dogs get worked up, it can put both the dog and the handler at risk if the dog can overpower the handler and pull them towards the object of the dog’s attention. The use of a head halter should be temporary and used in conjunction with proper training to reduce the level of the dog’s reactivity. Once the dog is less reactive, we upgrade the dog to a front-clipping harness.

For dogs learning new skills that require a bit more range of movement, our handlers will use a 15- or 30-foot long lead. They will remain safely secured to the handler at all times, but this piece of equipment allows your dog to explore and enjoy a little bit more freedom of movement. We can practice all sorts of skills for confidence and recall when using a long lead.


Our goal is to ensure that all dogs under our care enjoy the walk as much as we do and so, we have a strict policy against the use of fear when handling a client’s dog. We believe that the mental and emotional health of our pups is of the utmost importance. We’ll treat each dog with respect, and practice Fear Free techniques of considerate approach, gentle control, and consensual touch. This means we will pay close attention to body language, and aim to interpret what the dog is trying to tell us in every situation. We know that Fear Free techniques improve our relationship with each dog, as well as their general wellbeing!

Positive Reinforcement (R+) is the addition of a reinforcing stimulus (treats, praise, pets) that make it more likely for a desirable behavior to occur in the future. We use R+ and force-free techniques with our pups. This means we will make use of redirection, shaping with treats, and consistent praise with a marker word ‘Yes!’ We will never punish or coerce our dogs.

Just like us, dogs have feelings and communication tools. Our goal is to listen and build a positive, trusting relationship with your pup: to reinforce their natural instincts and abilities, encourage them to make the right choices, and reward desirable behavior by creating an environment for success.


The next step to registering your pup for East Coast Dog Walking services is selecting a recurring weekly schedule for your dog. This helps us allocate our walkers and ensures that you receive your desired walking window. Regular schedules also help us carefully plan so that we can ensure each of our clients get the most out of every visit from our walkers.


Don’t forget to follow us @ecdwalking on Instagram, for daily pictures and videos of our Dog Walking services. With your permission, we will feature your pup in our daily content, so that you can follow along in their adventures!


Invoices will be emailed to you on a bi-weekly basis. Payment must be made 14 days after receiving the invoice. Invoices that are not paid after 14 days will be charged a 10% late payment fee. Invoices outstanding after 60 days past the due date may be subject to cancellation of services. Payment can be made via our online booking system, COJILIO.


All cancellations must be confirmed at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled walk. This gives us time to adjust our schedule and give the time slot to another pooch. Failure to cancel within the 24-hour window will result in the full price of the service being charged.

In the event that we show up for a scheduled walk and your pooch is not home or unable to come out and play, you will be charged for the full rate of the visit.


On the following Company CLOSURE dates, we will NOT be offering walking services:

  • Apr 7, 2023 Good Friday
  • May 22, 2023 Victoria Day
  • Aug 7, 2023 Natal Day
  • Sep 4, 2023 Labour Day
  • Oct 9, 2023 Thanksgiving
  • Jan 1, 2024 New Years Day
  • Dec 25, 2023 – Dec 27, 2023 Holiday Closure


If you have an upcoming vacation or an extended trip lasting longer than 5 days, you have the option to pause your service while not in use, for up to one month. Please submit your service pause request a minimum of 72 hours in advance, although extended warning is preferred.


If your pet becomes injured or ill while under our care, East Coast Dog is hereby authorized to take your pet to the nearest animal care facility. Any expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the Owner.


Cancel your membership at any time!



Deliveries are available on Tuesdays and Fridays, from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm. We cannot accommodate deliveries at specific times of the day or on alternate days of the week. In order to guarantee delivery on the same day, place your order before 11:00 am, on a Tuesday or Friday. If you need to verify your delivery, please contact us at (902) 200-8332.


Local delivery is available within Halifax to areas with postal codes beginning with: B3H, B3K, B3J, B3L


Same-day orders are processed immediately, and cannot be changed. We are unable to cancel or change orders already in process to be delivered. To cancel or change an order that has not yet been processed, please call (902) 200-8332.


Deliveries will NOT be available on Statutory holidays.


Local delivery orders are packed and prepared based on the following schedule:

Order placed:Delivered on:
Tuesday after 11am to Friday at 11amFriday between 1pm and 3pm
Friday after 11am to Tuesday at 11amTuesday between 1pm and 3pm


If meeting the driver at the door: When the delivery driver arrives at your residence, you will receive a text or phone call notifying you to meet the driver outside of your front door. If you live in an apartment building, you must come down to meet the driver at the lobby entrance. If the driver is unable to reach you, your package will be left on your doorstep, at your own risk. East Coast Dog cannot be held responsible if your package goes missing after it has been left on your doorstep or common area of your apartment building.

If allowing front-door drop off: When the delivery driver completes the delivery to your residence, you will receive a text or phone call notifying you that the package has arrived. The package will be left on your doorstep or common area of your apartment building. 

**Customers are responsible for providing the correct and full address for local delivery. Failure to do so will result in your package being returned to East Coast Dog. You can then choose to pick up your order in store, or have us reschedule your delivery for the next available date (at no extra cost).