The Importance of Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming is an incredibly physically and mentally demanding career choice, and it takes a lot of patience, dedication and many years of experience to become a fully trained professional groomer. The skilled and advanced job of a dog groomer is not one for just anybody.

Few groomers remain in the industry long-term due to the physical and mental toll it can take. As a result, trained and experienced professionals are often difficult to come by.

As you probably know, the demand for dog grooming services in Halifax, specifically, is at an all-time high. Most salons are fully booked and closed off to new customers or are booking appointments months in advance. However, without access to quality services, it can be very challenging for pet owners to maintain their dog’s coats.

With our salon fully booked for Full Service Grooming with our Senior Groomer, this is what we’re doing, at East Coast Dog, to try to help while you wait:

We offer an extensive selection of walk-in services, 7 days a week, for interim maintenance between full grooms — or for those dogs who do not require a full scrub down or cut. No appointments are required. Pop by for a quick service, like a Bath & Towel Dry ($35.00) or a Nail Trim ($15.00). Visit our website at to check out the complete menu, pricing, and service hours.

When it comes to nail maintenance, our pro recommends nail trimmings at least every 3-4 weeks, but keep in mind that every dog is different, and waiting too long in between trimmings can lead to health issues for your pet. Take advantage of our monthly 1/2 Price Pawdicures event to stay on track – check out when the next one is happening by visiting our Events Page.

We’re also very excited to announce our Junior Grooming program! We always promise the highest quality of service in a safe and comfortable environment, but you can now access our professional services for an affordable price. Everyone benefits – you get the help you need with maintaining your dog’s coat, and our Groomer-in-training gets to practice their skills, build their confidence, and build the foundation for a career in Dog Grooming. Let’s work together to train more groomers and create more sustainable jobs.

Regardless of their Junior, Senior or Assistant status, our groomers are here to cater to your dog’s specific needs. Not only that, but they are fear free certified, so they are committed to ensuring that the emotional well-being of your pet is being taken care of through enrichment and the reduction of fear, anxiety and stress in the environment, which in turn improves the experience of every human and pet involved.

“There are times when service might induce fear (loud blow-dryers can be scary), and I have the freedom to help them through that as best as I can. It is joyful to be the person making a pup feel pampered and special. I have so many positive opportunities to learn, to engage, and to share my knowledge.” – Tasha, Junior Groomer

Tasha has been a Junior Groomer at East Coast Dog since we opened the salon in January 2023. She started as an apprentice in 2022, and previous to that, she worked at a doggie daycare for two years. Her customers have been very impressed with her knowledge and rapid skill development! You can follow along while she works her way to senior status on Instagram @tamedbytashahfx

We are booking Junior Scrub Down Services on Fridays and Saturdays with our Groomer-in-training, Tasha. Junior scrub downs include a bath, blow-dry, brush-out, nail trim and ear cleaning.

Service Menu

Junior Small Dog Scrub Down
Up to 20 pounds
Junior Medium Dog Scrub Down
20 – 50 pounds
Junior Large Dog Scrub Down
50 – 80 pounds
Junior Extra Large Dog Scrub Down
80+ pounds
Prices may vary based on your dogs behaviour or coat condition.

75+ minutes

Quick Trim (ears, butt, paws) | +$12.00
Face Trim | +$8.00
Sani-Shave | +$8.00

*Please note that our Junior Groomer does not perform body clipping, shaving, or styling. If your dog requires body clipping, shaving or styling, a Junior Scrub Down service is still a great way to maintain their coat while you wait to book a Full Service Groom.

If you’re interested in making a Junior Grooming appointment with Tasha, please call us at (902) 200-8332 or visit us in-store to chat with one of our team members, who can get you all set up.